Our Investors

Investing in Drishti means investing in people.

The biggest problem facing modern manufacturing is that humans are invisible to analytics.

After decades of advancement in robotics and automation, up to 72% of manufacturing tasks are still performed by humans. The value they add to every product on the assembly line has never been continuously measured.

We are thankful to our visionary investors who not only understand this 100-year-old problem, but see Drishti solving it with AI-powered production.

Recently, Drishti closed a Series B funding round, a major milestone for a startup, especially one that’s creating a whole new category.

To date, Drishti has raised $37M in four rounds from nine very important investment groups.

The best results are realized when humans and machines work together. Our investors know this.



A private venture capital fund that invests in deep Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology-based companies.

adreesen horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz

A stage-agnostic venture capital firm with assets under management across multiple funds.


Benhamou Global Ventures

A venture capital firm sourcing startups to build them into the next-generation of B2B technology companies.



A venture capital firm that invests in early and growth-stage cloud and SaaS visionaries that change the way the world works.

hella ventures

Hella Ventures

The corporate venture capital arm of Hella, which is also one of Drishti's customers.


Micron Ventures

Offers investment solutions to early-stage companies in the technology sector.

presidio ventures

Presidio Ventures

A venture capital firm that focuses on opportunities to partner with entrepreneurs in key industries that shape the way we live.

sozo ventures

Sozo Ventures

A cross-border venture fund that focuses on assisting US-based technology start-ups in global expansion.

toyota ventures

Toyota Ventures

An early-stage venture capital that invests in early-stage startups from around the world.

There’s never been a way to generate comprehensive data from the factory floor. Only now, only with the drop in sensor costs, the drop in storage costs, and the cloud making extremely high-end processing available to anyone at any time, is it possible to solve this 100-year-old problem.

Anik Bose, BGV, Drishti Investor