Working for Drishti in Bangalore

Our Bangalore team actually leads R&D for a transformational technology.

Drishti’s Bangalore engineers get the chance to sit in the driver’s seat.

If you’re an engineer in Bangalore, you know all too well the frustration of being the “back office.” This is when the real action is happening in the another country, and your role is to do QA and fix bugs.

Your company might be on the front lines of innovation, but you’re aren’t personally doing the innovating. Mot importantly, you’re not learning anything.

That’s not the case at Drishti. We’re unique for the simple reason that our core R&D — and, in fact, our entire engineering team — is based in Bangalore.

Our Bangalore presence starts with our CTO, Dr. Krishnendu Chaudhury. He’s one of the world’s foremost computer vision and deep learning experts, and is responsible for some of the most groundbreaking technical innovations in the history of Google, Flipkart and Adobe.

But beyond Dr. Chaudhury, you’ll get to work with an entire team of world-class engineers — all of whom are tackling some of the hardest problems in technology (see below). When you work at Drishti, you aren’t working at the edges of someone else’s innovation… YOU are the innovator.

Drishti’s mission is to extend human potential in an increasingly automated world. We’re building technology to help businesses AND people.

If you like big challenges, you should join us.

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Top five reasons to work at Drishti Bangalore

1. Work with visionaries who can execute

Drishti has an unfair competitive advantage: our team. Our founders provide deep manufacturing domain knowledge, technical expertise and business acumen. Our investors offer incredible access to the market. And we’ve got some of the biggest names in the industry in our corner, including SRI, the United States National Science Foundation, and the World Economic Forum.

2. Tackle a massive $12T opportunity

If you think manufacturing is a solved problem, you’re wrong. Manufacturing is 15% of global GDP, and some 345 million people work on factory floors. Our research with A.T. Kearney shows that people around 72% of tasks in the factory — and that they make around 68% of the defects. Automation is not going to solve this problem. The answer lies in technology that augments human capabilities—and creates benefits both for the business as well as for the individual operators.

3. Solve some of technology’s hardest problems

Drishti’s core technology is our signature action recognition technology, a new deep learning architecture that generates real-time analytics on highly variable human actions using a video stream. It’s orders of magnitude more difficult than object recognition, in the same way that parsing a spoken sentence is much more difficult than analyzing the written word.

Drishti in bangalore

The architecture goes beyond deep learning, of course. Our engineers are pioneering a vertically integrated solution from the sensing layer all the way to change management with our customers. This requires solving some of the most difficult problems in technology: video transit and storage at scale, Big Data analytics, UX and UI for fundamentally new datasets and use cases, and much more.

4. Lead the charge from Bangalore

In most Bangalore companies, you get little opportunity to actually more the needle on technological innovation. At Drishti, every role is pushing the state of the art — and, most importantly, every person is learning far more than they have at any previous company.

5. Pick up deep learning

Engineers at Drishti have the opportunity to rotate into our deep learning group, to work alongside some of the foremost experts in the field.

What our employees say

Bharat 1

I had been a good system/kernel programmer on *nix for 18 years. At Drishti, I learnt what it takes to develop neat, compact and resilient code that scales. I am glad I joined Drishti, else I would not have known what I would have missed.

Bharat B.
Software engineer

Bala 1

I’m very glad to be a part of the team which respects everyone’s contribution equally. Also, Drishti, being a most complex product, I got chance to learn different programming paradigms and software tools and technologies here. Put simply, working here is challenging and fun.

Balaraman L.
Software engineer


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