Key facts and FAQs

  • What does Drishti do?

    Drishti provides video analytics and video traceability for manual assembly lines.

  • What problem do we solve?

    Improving a manual assembly line takes a huge amount of effort by engineers, supervisors, trainers, line associates, and others. We provide data and insights for improving manual assembly lines faster, with much less effort, and much greater impact.

  • How are we different than other Industry 4.0 technologies?

    Three key differentiators:

    1. We focus on augmenting people, not displacing them
    2. We improve the whole system at once, not just isolated stations or steps
    3. You don’t need programmers or data scientists. We’re a full-stack solution, with apps that anyone can use on the factory floor.
  • How does Drishti work?

    Customers put Drishti cameras at each station on the line to capture continuous video of the process. Drishti provides apps that let anyone use the insights and visibility from those feeds to quickly solve problems. For example:

    • Instant replay like you’re a football coach
    • Video time studies to find bottlenecks and improve processes
    • Live streaming like Zoom for the assembly line
    • Video training tools for faster, richer and more personalized training
    • And much more
  • Who are our customers?

    We work with the world’s best discrete manufacturers, including:

    • DENSO, Flex, Nissan and Ford
    • 3 of the top 6 global auto OEMs
    • 2 of the top 5 auto tier 1s
    • 2 of the top 3 electronics contract manufacturers
  • Who is behind Drishti?

    We have the right team of manufacturing and domain experts in place. Highlights include:

    • Our CEO led the team at GM that originated the category of cobots
    • Our CTO is a renowned expert in video analytics from Google, FlipKart and Adobe
    • We have the backing of some of Silicon Valley’s best investors
    • Our technology was incubated at SRI, whose pedigree of innovation includes Siri and the original mouse
    • We have offices in Palo Alto and Bangalore, and field employees across the US