Careers at Drishti

Like a challenge? How about building an SAP on top of a YouTube on top of a Nest!


Tackling a massive opportunity in a $12T industry

Drishti’s mission is to “extend human potential in an increasingly automated world.” We’re starting in discrete manufacturing: a $12 trillion global industry that is still using 100-year-old techniques to gather data on human actions inside factories. Our solution is deep learning-driven action recognition. It’s a first in manufacturing and possibly the world. It’s a technical problem that’s orders of magnitude more complex than object recognition.

Solving it requires exceptional people. Are you up for it?

Our Bangalore office provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for engineers.

Our guiding principles

Create value

Anyone who interacts with Drishti should come away better for it. Especially line associates.

Think long

Industry exists on a global scale; we make decisions on a complementary timeframe.

Be honest

Outside of Drishti, inside Drishti, and with yourself. Put your true self into your work.

Don’t see the position you seek?

Send us a note. We’re seeking exceptional people from all disciplines.