About Drishti

Our mission is to extend human potential in an increasingly automated world

Drishti provides video analytics and video traceability for manual assembly lines.

Our discrete manufacturing customers stream video from each station into the cloud, where our software creates incredible volumes of lean production data. Engineers, supervisors, trainers and operators use this data to make better decisions, faster — with each data point backed by video.

For the first time in manufacturing history, significant volumes of actionable data on manual activities are guiding production decisions, thanks to AI and Drishti.

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Our story

30 years ago, General Motors’ general assembly line had a problem: Workers struggled to safely install heavy parts like doors and dashboards. But robotics technology lacked the agility to perform the complex, variable processes.

They turned to Drishti’s now-CEO and Founder Dr. Prasad Akella, who led the team that developed the world’s first collaborative robots, or cobots, to solve the problem. The idea was simple but transformational: Combine mechanical strength and precision with human agility and adaptability.

Besides creating what is now a multi-billion-dollar market, Prasad came away with a profound understanding: That people and technology, working together, can amplify each others’ value and create something far more than the sum of their parts.

Prasad eventually came to Silicon Valley, but a love of manufacturing — and the lessons from Detroit — stayed with him. He watched new waves of industrial technology come to market, but few of them built upon the lessons that technology should be used to augment people, not displace them.

In 2016, he decided to take on the problem, alongside his two cofounders. Instead of robotics, he turned to AI. The question he asked the market: What happens when you combine the creativity and adaptability of people with the cognitive power of AI?

In the past century, manufacturing has passed through three distinct phases: craft production, then mass production, and now lean production. The common thread through all these phases is the central role of people in value creation.

In fact, few people realize just how central people remain to manufacturing today.  (Drishti’s own research with A.T. Kearney shows that 72% of manufacturing tasks are performed by human operators.)

It’s Prasad’s belief — and, in fact, the belief of all of us at Drishti — that we’re on the cusp of a fourth phase of manufacturing. We call it AI-powered production. And like the other phases, it’s built on the notion that people and technology, working together, will amplify each others’ value and drive transformational change.


Described as a “revolution in TPS” by author Dr. Jeffrey Liker

Winner for outstanding results with Ford, DENSO and Hella

Named by nVIDIA as “Top AI Startup in North America”

2020 Forbes AI 50

Named as one of America’s “most promising artificial intelligence companies”

World Economic Forum

Named as a 2019 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

Gartner Cool Vendor 2019

Named as a 2019 “Cool Vendor in Manufacturing Operations” by Gartner

Meet our investors

In June of 2020, Drishti closed its Series B round. Read the story >

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