About Drishti

Our vision is to extend human potential in an increasingly automated world.

About Drishti

Using AI and computer vision, Drishti is optimizing manual assembly processes on a massive scale for the first time in manufacturing history. We recognize that a large percentage of discrete manufacturing relies on people, who are the most flexible but also the most variable components of an assembly line. 

Our technology measures, informs, and guides their efforts to optimize production outcomes, increase job satisfaction, and improve retention. True digital transformation involves supporting workers, collecting data, and providing insights.

By offering a comprehensive view of the entire manual assembly system, Drishti's patented technology provides immediate insight to what just happened and why.

With this level of visibility, discrete manufacturing companies can make quick, well-informed decisions and improvements never before possible. This level of granular and holistic insight leads to transformational, system-wide advancements and a distinct competitive advantage.